Preet Bharara: Corruption Fighter or Self-Promoter

Sherrie recently shared this video with me from her website. This presentation of a heart-broken woman, devastated from the overwhelming abuse of power, and greed Made me gasped with embarrassment.

That woman. was Me!

When my courageous role model below, affirmed that this classic courtroom scene of ruthless bullying, is a common practice in courtrooms across America! Indeed, we find lawyers Robbing from the college funds of America’s Youth. Judges allow this chronic exploitation of parents, ensuring  these children to become traumatized  victims of divorce!

Stealing the solidarity of a broken-hearted family. Wow!

  • This is your family court system America!

What defamation of My character on the stand, could be lower than this bad of thieves clawing, at the flesh of our American Families. Around the world, this insidious behavior occurs.

Every Day, children lose their innocence, as their family unit is nefariously rape in plain sight.

 The Soul of Humanity has an obligation to give Mercy, and to alter this insipid travisty of American Justice!

This blatant disregard for the safety l, exposir and surety of liberty for Women & children. Fathers and mothers being forced to abandon their lives. By Court Order, They are forced to endure the disturbing effects that parental alienation has, on these innocent families left parentless from emotional discord.

Our National Government does Not turn a blind eye in ignorance to this abomination. The nature of our government cannot alow the theft of resources from hard working people emgadged in the Family Court system, to destroy any future of porductive economic development!

“Did they think homelessness should be so easily endured by this disable woman, whom they recklessly left abandoned behind Wal-Mart?”

WSource: Preet Bharara: Corruption Fighter or Self-Promoter

The weak can never forgive.

It’s easier to forgive him than it is to focus on repairing my life.

Parental Alienation

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong


Two emotions or two thoughts cannot occupy the mind simultaneously. So, if you entertain bitter thoughts, happy thoughts cannot find a place in your mind. Howmuchsoever you have been hurt, clinging to those memories will only stop you in your track. Forgiving “them” is the only way to release both you as well as “them”.

The important thing to remember is taking responsibility. Each one of us designs our own life. When we blame others for our misery, we are giving away our power to “them”. However, when we react to a situation, it is “we” who react. “They” don’t force us to react.

The ability to respond is ours. Thus, if we take the responsibility for our ability to respond, then, when we react, it is our conscious decision to do so and not an automatic reaction.

Forgiving does not mean accepting…

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